"When I was faced with an unexpected emergency bill, I was confused, stressed out, and completely overwhelmed. I tried to fight this bill on my own. I tried as hard as I could to be my own advocate. What I found out in doing this is that the insurance wouldn’t give me the full story because I didn’t know the right questions to ask, I didn’t know the laws, I didn’t know what insurance and hospitals could do in regards to billing, and I was completely in over my head. The insurance and hospital were bullying me and I couldn’t fight back. That is until I found Irene at Assurance Patient Advocate LLC. Irene showed me care that no one had during this entire process. She listened to me, fought for me, and gave me hope in a very unsure time. If you need someone in your corner and you’re tired of fighting an uphill battle alone, I urge you to contact Assurance Patient Advocate LLC. Getting help from Irene was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I can not express to you how grateful I am to Irene and her team."

- Amanda


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