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Breakthrough in Patient Advocacy Associated with Medical Billing

In an effort to reduce or eliminate financial stress during difficult times, Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC offers a helping hand where it is greatly needed


ROCHESTER Mich. – As the first of its kind in Michigan, a new company has emerged in Metro Detroit that aids in saving patients hundreds or thousands of dollars. Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC will review patient medical bills for abusive, fraudulent, and erroneous billing practices, as billing errors are more common than one may believe. According to NBC News, in Medicare claims alone, mistakes were apparent 49 percent of the time. 


Founder Irene Flippo has 25 plus years of professional experience, working with both health systems, known as providers, and insurance companies, otherwise referred to as health plans. Much of her experience has afforded her opportunities with creating provider networks, updating plan documents with legal teams, upgrading systems to be ICD10 compliant, implementing charitable programs and working with revenue cycle management. As a graduate of Central Michigan University, Irene Flippo had obtained her Master of Science in Administration (MSA) in 2014 and has worked on creating her own business in hopes to help others ever since.


Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC also works with providing education for health plan benefits, in order to ensure patients understands their health plan benefits. Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC works with individuals or businesses on medical bill review, claim audits, appeals for denials and negotiation for additional savings with providers. The medical billing process is more complex today than ever before and understanding health plans is crucial. Assurance is able to work with clients before or after services have been rendered.


Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC wants to take the frustration out of having to deal with providers and insurance companies so that clients are able to focus on what truly matters- their health.

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