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Individual Solutions

Insurance Consultation


Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC understands and even emphasizes the most important focus is recovery and caring for love ones.


We will take the frustration out of having to deal with insurance companies and providers for you. Appeals are complex and we have the knowledge to promptly and efficiently solve denied medical claims.


Medical claims can be denied for a number of reasons, such as no authorization, incorrect patient information, coding errors and much more...

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Health Plan Benefit


You owe it to yourself to understand health plan benefits. Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC will provide education to ensure individuals, couples, or families understand more than just a summary of benefits.


Health Plan Benefits do not have to be complicated. When going to the providers office you will be able to understand deductible, co-pays, coinsurance, out of pocket maximum and much more...

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Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC works with insured individuals to see if there are any additional savings.


During this process, we audit the bill and look at provider in & out of network, coding, payments and adjustment.


For uninsured individuals will work with providers to receive a fair price for services.

Insured & Uninsured


Medical Bill Review & Audit

Today medical bills are primarily complex. Medical debt is on the rise now more than ever. It is important to take control of your medical debt today in an effort to reduce stress and unnecessary expenses.


If you are facing collection notices or considering bankruptcy due to medical debt, let Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC  review your medical bills for errors, duplicate charges and much more...

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