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Health Plan Benefit Education

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Below are a few questions individuals may ask while selecting their health plan benefit:

1. What does the plan cover?

2. Will I have coverage if I travel to a different state?

3. How much will I have to pay for premium, deductibles, doctor visits and hospital stays?

4. Will I have to choose hospitals and health care providers from a network?

5. Do I need any referrals for specialty doctors?

6. Do my current doctors accept this coverage?

7. Does this RX plan cover the prescription drugs that I need?

Let Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC help by providing you with education on health plan benefits. Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC is more than happy to answer any questions.


The education being provided is more than just a summary of benefits. It is SO crucial to understand your benefits in the event a major service is required. 

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