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Happy Employees are More Engaged & Motivated

Reasons Employers Choose to Provide Patient Advocate Services Related to Medical Bills

Employees Access  

Employees will have immediate access just a phone call away.


In addition, they will receive one-on-one consulting on benefit education, medical bill review (issues with bills), appeals and the potential for additional savings on high medical bills.


Employees are able to maintain their privacy working with an outside party.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) departments will have more time to focus on other  company projects  and objectives.
In addition, internal HR will not have to worry about privacy regarding medical bills. 
Our team will work with employees on their behalf to resolve issues with these medical bills.

Absenteeism & Retention

Today, the medical billing process is very complex. Assurance Patient Advocate is able to resolve medical bills in a timely manner.


Stress related to dealing with high medical bills can lead to dissatisfaction, low performance, absenteeism, and lead to lower retention rates.


This can lead to higher cost for employers in the long run.

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