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Ensuring peace of mind during difficult times associated with medical billing
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Today, medical debt is steadily on the rise. Many Americans agree it is difficult to pay for services. Some, unfortunately, even decide not to receive medical care in an effort to avoid high costs. If you are facing collection notices or even considering filing bankruptcy, now is the time to take control.


We take your privacy very seriously, as we are HIPAA compliant. Our team is very knowledgeable on current medical codes and billing guidelines.


We service both individuals and employers. Contact us today and let Assurance Patient Advocate help you.




Health Plan Benefit Education

Medical Bill Review & Audit

Business Consultant

Insured and Uninsured Additional Savings 

"We believe in what we do!"

Ensuring peace of mind during difficult times associated with medical billing
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Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC will take on working with:


  • providers

  • facilities

  • insurance companies

  • collection agencies


We want you and your family to focus on what really matters: your life, your health, and the health of those you love. We are on YOUR side.

Meet Irene, Founder of Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC

Why patient advocacy? Irene's professional experience includes over 25 years of working with both health systems and insurance companies.


As an expert and individual, she understands how complex and frustrating the medical billing process is. As a mother of two children, she fully understands the importance of affordable and fair healthcare. 

After multiple family members were diagnosed with cancer two years ago, she was able to witness first-hand the stress people face today when it comes to receiving healthcare.

While obtaining her master's degree from Central Michigan University, Irene was determined to create her own business in order to help individuals overcome the issues she often saw arise.


One major goal of hers was, and still is, to make patient advocacy a national discussion. There are many issues within the system, and as a solution, people need someone other than providers and insurance companies on their side.


Irene will work with the providers or the insurance company on your behalf to come to a prompt solution. In turn, you and your loved ones can focus on what truly matters: your health and/or recovery.

About Irene
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