Medical debt is steadily on the rise today. Many agree it is difficult to pay for services. Some, unfortunately, even decide not to receive medical care at all. If you are facing collection notices or even considering filing bankruptcy, take control in order to eliminate surprising medical bills.


We take your privacy very seriously as we are HIPAA compliant. Our team is very knowledgeable on current medical codes and billing guidelines.


We love most that we are able to work with individuals and families to take the frustration out of dealing with providers and insurance companies. 


We service both individuals and employers.  Contact us and let Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC review your medical bills today. 




Health Plan Benefit Education

Insured and Uninsured Additional Savings 

Medical Bill Review & Audit

"We believe in what we do!"

Assurance Patient Advocate, LLC will take on working with providers, facilities, insurance companies and collection agencies while you focus on what really matters: your life, your health, and the health of those you love.


Meet Irene

Irene, founder of Assurance Patient Advocate LLC, professional experience includes 25 years of working with both health systems (providers) and insurance companies (health plans). As a professional and individual, she understands how complex the medical billing process is. Irene obtained her masters from Central Michigan University. Assurance will work with the providers or the insurance company on your behalf. In turn, you and your loved ones can focus on what truly matters-your recovery.


Contact Us

*Disclaimer: Do not provide any protected health information. The use of this messaging is only to provide contact information and what type of service you are requesting. Privacy is of utmost importance to us.

PO Box 82111

Rochester, MI 48308

Phone: 586-918-0286

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